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This incredible program was designed by Denise Linn, founder of the International Institute of Soul Coaching. She is a renowned International teacher, healer and author of more than thirteen books.


The intention of Soul Coaching is to help clear away mental and emotional clutter so that you may hear the messages from deep within. Soul Coaching aligns your inner spiritual self with your outer life to create a more balanced and harmonious way of being.

Soul Coaching is not a therapy and is different from Life Coaching. Therapy usually focuses on emotional healing and traditional Life Coaching usually focuses on the attainment of a goal through motivation and inspiration. Soul Coaching helps you to find a meaning or purpose to your everyday life.

Do you know what your life mission is? Are your ready to hear the calling and shape your destiny?

Benefits of Soul Coaching

~ Release old programming

~ Dissolve negative beliefs

~ Pinpoint your passion

~ Always be guided by your intuition

~ Listen to your soul

~ Clarify/Discover your calling

~ Enhance your intuition

~ Shape your Destiny

~ Map a dynamic future

~ Expand your Magnificence

~ Improve your Self-Esteem

~ Enrich your life

~ Attract new opportunities

Individual Sessions ~ Soul Journeys

This program is designed for anyone who prefers one on one coaching. I will work closely with you for a contract of seven sessions. I will guide you on many soul journeys; past life journeys while you are in a relaxed state. This will give you an opportunity to be in a comfortable safe space so that you can truly hear the messages from your soul. When you can understand and connect with your inner most desires, you then clear the path to shape your future.

Soul Coaching Individual sessions.



Soul Coaching contract of seven sessions



Soul Coaching Contract for 3 months

One on one, telephone support & emails.






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