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 Rosanna Ienco Barned
 Vancouver Island, BC

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I believe that Angels surround us all; they are always guiding, helping and supporting our everyday life. Angels may appear in many different forms, People, situations and synchronicities. Stay open to receiving the messages that they have for you and your life’s journey.














Photo courtesy Stephanie Pui-Munlaw www.shadowscapes.com

How can an Angel Reading help you?

As an Angel Therapy Practitioner, It is my honour and joy to be working with the Angelic realm on a daily basis. I love guiding people to connect with these angelic beings to experience wonderful encounters with their Angels. It can be a very emotional and uplifting experience. You may also experience connecting with departed loved ones that may have messages waiting for you. This will help to bring you an inner peace. You may encounter different experiences like helping you to clear away inner debris or helping you to balance your Chakras. Angel readings also help to clarify any life issues you may want to work with to help to bring you closer to your hearts desire.

In the sessions, I use different Angel oracle cards but most of the information is Intuitively guided by Archangels, Angels, Spirit Guides and departed loved ones. I offer readings in person, by phone or email.


Angel Readings and Mediumship

1 hour reading ~ $275.00 


 Angel Readings and Mediumship

30 minute reading ~ $144.00 















Photo courtesy Stephanie Pui-Munlaw www.shadowscapes.com


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